Chas of Carnivalia (carnivalia) wrote,
Chas of Carnivalia

Silk Screening and Sabbatic Baphomet Update

So the silk screening went well enough for me to try doing more at a later time. Given the appropriate equipment and a dedicated space I think I could do a lot. My success was humble enough that I won't bother posting pics. I did a few shirts with the same screen, getting better each time, yet none are worth posting.

I did do this though.

Actually, I simply tweaked 'Sabbatic Baphomet' a board I've been selling for a while. It was one of the first one's that I made, and after having sold about 150 of them I decided to take advantage of some of the advice I'd gotten, pulling a George Lucas with some new effects. The numbers came down and the alphabets came inward, making it easier for the planchette to get at them. Also, Levi's image, which I had traced to achieve more detail, has much more contrast than before. The obalisques have more beveling and are less pixilated. The fonts have been hand drawn and the whole enchilada is darker. Now, each board comes with a niftier certificate that includes instructions and is laminated and glued to the back.

I'll have other stuff to share soon if I can get all the web work done. Right now I'm gonna make me some hot coco and enjoy this moody, overcast spring day.


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