Chas of Carnivalia (carnivalia) wrote,
Chas of Carnivalia

Update, Filter Info

There have been so many updates that I only had time to write half of and therefore never posted. I've been so incredibly busy lately. First Disneyland, then my birthday, then Storm was away at camp. With this week though I am settling back into a routine, sort of. What I need to be doing is catching up on crafting adequate backstock. I have, however, within the past couple of days manage to:
-write a short story as part of my Twilight Cruises project;
-finish the Apothecary section on Carnivalia (I say finish, but since I have only received 3 of some 22 oils I ordered the present result is kinda lame, nevertheless, my 'Jinxs' section tickles the hell out of me);
-successfully make a silk screen and create two t-shirt with one of Daniel's new designs (he's doing an art show soon, and I post more about that later);
-create the recipe for 'Ennui Water' that has been alluding me for so long (fragrance being the hardest part);
as well as things of a more nefarious nature.

I plan to begin talking about those other things in a specific filter I'll mark 'Spirituality'. I would hate to have my reputation as a charlatan challenged due to misplaced sincerity, thus the filtering. I've added just about everyone who seemed interested in my Feri practice or Mediumship, as those will be the major topics. This post follows one to that group, so if you don't see it then your not part of that filter. I either didn't realize you would be interested, forgot to check the box next to your name, or think you are sort of a dick and simply tolerate your presence to be polite. If you are interested then please leave a comment.

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