Chas of Carnivalia (carnivalia) wrote,
Chas of Carnivalia

Witch Eye Update

Spent all last week working on Witch Eye #15. I'm so digging designing for this larger format. It was harder this time finding and creating art to go alone with the articles, since so many of the subjects are intellectual. I will tease you all by stating that the design for this issue is rather sexy. Some of those vintage nudes hoarded for my Ghosts Gone Wild project seduce these pages. Thanks the gods for dbananza 's artwork, which is always an inspiration to work with. There was enough material submitted this time that I didn't have to write something myself last minute. Storm and I did pen an article together titled "Claiming The Blue Cord: A Feri Self-Dedication Rite." I'd had some satirical pieces in mind but had no room for them, but was happy set them aside given all the good material that was sent in.

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