Chas of Carnivalia (carnivalia) wrote,
Chas of Carnivalia

Evil Done Right

When Storm and I took over Dolphin Dream, now renamed The Mystic Dream, many of our employees and customers wanted to know more about us and looked to the website Carnivalia to see what we were all about. What I quickly realized was that many did not share my sense of humor, or love for all things strange and wicked. In short, they didn't get it, and mistook me for the bombastic carnival barker character who hosted Carnivalia. Instead of thinking 'that is too outrageous to be sincere' I was instead schooled on how unethical is was for me to be stealing the souls of children and trapping them in my talkingboards (which although I alleged to have done is actually far too much effort to put into each product as I have yet to devise a soul extraction/infusion assembly line). So I removed some of my more misunderstood pages for the public eye. Lately I have chatted with some of you who have let me know how much you missed that content, and so I am bringing it back bit by bit. So, for those of you who 'get it' here you go. Hope you all are happy, you sick f---ed up fans.

Tags: evil

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