Chas of Carnivalia (carnivalia) wrote,
Chas of Carnivalia

Fortune Teller

 So I got it into my head that I wanted to make a Fortune Teller. My original thought of course was that I would make mine evil. I spent my weekend getting into the project, studying children's rhymes, origami, and forms of divination, and finding vintage images of devils and skulls. Much as I tried to make it severe it would not cooperate. I tried to brood, listened to 80's alternative music, but no, it just wasn't happening. Every which way my creative eye turned there was the sun shining gaily with a dopey look on his face. I tried to stick to the evil scheme, but my dreams were all about folding and unfolding paper, and my delicate psyche alas folded as well and that is when shit skidded towards pretty.
This goes a long way towards saying I am sorry for bringing more pastels into the world, but there you are. Since I couldn't figure out what to do with this, the Marilyn among my Munsters, I slapped the words 'The Mystic Dream' on it and posted it on the website. From there you can copy and print it if you like.

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