Chas of Carnivalia (carnivalia) wrote,
Chas of Carnivalia

My single night of Pantheacon went well. Attended the well staged and costumed 'Rapture of the Star Goddess' ritual. Felt nervous for Storm, who looked fabulous thanks to J'te's skills as a seamstress and makeup artist. I think the event raised positive energy that many of us have carried with us. From there it was drinks to toast our anniversary, then we traveled from room to room to room to see as many folk as we could. 

Devin caught the Convention Crud, poor boy, which meant that I had to work yet again. The good work related news is that Google maps has finally, after three years, placed The Mystic Dream properly on the map. Every day I had people on the other side of town who had been deceived by Google. Tuesday I have off, thank the gods, and plan to channel some of this positive energy into certain projects that have been left simmering for a while.

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