January 23rd, 2008


Catching Up

It's been too long, I know, but now I am trying to get back in the habit of updating this journal. As you all might imagine, having taken over the retail store right before Xmas was exhausting. Storm and I are finally able to catch our breaths somewhat.

Concerning the store all is swell right now. Did a sidewalk wash out front the other day to attract customers, mixing some ammonia/sugar/cinnamon and sweeping towards the door, and sure enough my sales boomed soon after.

I'm barely keeping up with my production of talkingboards (and haven't had any time to design anything new). I think it may be time for me to offer manufactured versions of my better boards, so if anyone has some tips for finding a manufacturer I'd appreciate it muchly. I want to keep doing some handmade ones, but only as limited editions.

Decided that in the same manner I like my coffee black I'm gonna stick to Bourbon for my boozing (good red wine being the exception). Later, when I'm filling out my absentee ballot, I'm gonna see about making a drinking game out of it, perhaps turning my wrist whenever a candidate claims to be for change. Feel free to help me out with this folks.

In a couple of weeks Storm and I are going to Tuscon for the gem show. Five days we'll be there; I'm excited but somewhat reluctant to leave the Bay Area for that long. Then later in Feb we will be at Pantheacon, so busy month ahead. I'll try to find time to keep this journal active.