February 24th, 2008


(no subject)

Felt well enough to make it into the store for a few hours today. Gotta revamp much of Carnivalia, starting with the Apothecary section which I now realize sucks. I'm enjoying the Lucky Mojo course, BTW, and highly recommend it.

Dolphin Dream's
class schedule for the following months is out now. Responses have been good, but I'm still trying to generate more interest. (Suppose I should let Anaar know that she is now teaching 'Topless Intro to the Feri Tradition.')

Since the Anonymous Place nearby shut down the A.A. folk have been urging us to carry those medallions that announce how many years sober one has been. I can't seem to find the wholesaler for those though, so I'm thinking I'll just print up my own on Cafe Press beer steins.

I'm just buzzing with ideas these days (most of them bad), but creative nonetheless.