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My Freakshow

Chas of Carnivalia
30 April 1970
External Services:
  • carnivalia@livejournal.com

The public entries of this journal are mostly focused on my creative life, which I often express in the bombastic style of a Carnival barker--a personality devised to pimp my work, and my business 'Carnivalia.' Much of my art features a carnivalesque style, as well as spiritual themes often inspired by various occult traditions including the Feri tradition of which I am an intitiate (if you are interested in my magical life than ask to be included on that filter).

My private life is shared living in the Bay Area with my husband of 18 years Storm Faerywolf and our partner Devin Hunter.

Here I make witchboards and ritual tools, dolls and puppets,
sculpture and other forms of art. I also write, mostly articles
although there is often a fictional work being mulled about in my
mind while I am sewing or sanding or whathaveyou. My interests
are many, although some of what inspires my art and myself is
mentioned below.

I've no problem with anyone adding me to their friends list,
so feel free.

You can also find me on MySpace:

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